Yearning for walks in the forest

The heat of the summer quickly turned to rain and thunder, further preventing us from proper walks. I would have huffed and puffed, except lightnings scare me so I just hid in the bathroom. I closed my eyes to escape from the inexplicable fear: I knew Missy was here, but so were the loud booms, so really couldn’t tell if I was safe or not.

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Dogs in literature: Steinbeck’s companions

I’ve always wanted to combine my love for literature and my love for dogs (big surprise, I mean the blog is being co-written by my pooch, Mia) so I started to research this topic. The obvious choice to be the first in the series is John Steinbeck, who didn’t only write a book about one of them but also had one of his books eaten by another.

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The Weekly Smile: Rolling

I’ve been on holiday this week, and we took many trips to hike. Being in the forest, away from people feels great for both me and Mia. It was by chance that I chose this particular route for this sunny autumn day, I haven’t been in the neighbourhood, nor did anyone recommend it, but it was close enough and the distance seemed also doable. Little did I know what a gift it would give us.

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