Finding my dog magic

I have magic. I haven’t always had it, in the dark times of the first 2.5 years of my life I certainly didn’t feel anything magical. It was all about fights, losing them, hiding from them. If I had had magic back then, I would have used it to be invisible.

Then I met Missy. It was a normal day, I lived in a better place then, not all pain, but still lots of fear, and I thought nothing of her. She had soft hands, a gentle voice but she was gone quick, and I was back in the cage with the other dogs who I didn’t particularly care for.

Days were bland, grey, but there was food, and not that many fights.

When I met Missy the second time, she took me for a long walk, I had things to smell, I saw the birds that had only teased me before, tasted the grass, and she was there with me, giving me space. I liked that. But then she was gone, and I was back in the cage, where there were only smells of dogs, there was no grass and no gentleness.

And then there she was again, I recognised her but didn’t know my life was about to change. There was excitement in the air but it didn’t reach me. I was tired of life, I only had energy to observe.

“We’re gonna live together now” she whispered in my ears but I didn’t know what it meant.

She took me to another forest again. I wanted to run, to take it all in, to enjoy my freedom but I was on a short leash, so I had to make do with a small space. It was ok, I was curious of course but also secretly scared of the unknown. It was there that I first heard the word that brought out my magic: Mia.

“You’re a princess, although you don’t know it yet. Like in the movie with Anne Hathaway, what was she called? That’s it, Mia.” Missy said and smiled.

I looked up at her, had no idea what she meant but liked her voice when she smiled.

“Mia?” she repeated, and I went to her to check her hand that still had the smell of treats she had been giving me before.

“Mia you are” she said, and so I was.

And from that day on, I learned I have the magic of love, smile and happiness. Stick with me and I’ll tell all.

The blog is part of the blogging challenge of April, A to Z.
The post titles follow the letters to tell about the life of Mia but each adventure is a separate story.
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20 thoughts on “Finding my dog magic

  1. Oh, this is going to be one I really enjoy! Dogs are my favorite people. You and Mia are so fortunate to have found each other.


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