Exercise on our walks

As you would imagine, running, sniffing, digging are a natural part of our walks. But as Missy tends to give me my breakfast for additional tasks on the walk, I do have a number of exercises that I can perform in exchange for good words and better treats.


It’s my favourite. It’s so easy, and yet, has a good return on effort. It can be a bench, a tree trunk, even the side of the fence: Missy appreciates them all.


I call it half-jump. Even though it’s less of an effort, I get the same amount of treats, so it’s a great exercise. Although sometimes Missy tries to trick me to put my paws on moving objects, but I’m smarter than that!


Another version of “Jump” is when I have to balance on these thin beams. It’s tough but it’s a lot of fun!


One of the first things I learned with Missy, I now make it as fast as I can go, it’s super fun! It’s also a bilingual instruction, Hungarian to the right, English to the left.

Distant tasks

We’ve started it recently, and honestly, it’s not my favourite because it takes longer to get my reward. But Missy loves them so I do them for her.

Around the legs

Eight, circle, in line, near etc. I quite like these as I do them very near to Missy, but I can get confused which is which. You would do, if you smelled all those great treats from that close!


It can be the step of the sidewalk, or on the stairs, this is when I need to leave my back paws on the top, while my front paws are already in the bottom. It’s easy now but I had some trouble learning it.


I don’t like this. I’m to stop and not to move until I get the “OK”, and it’s making me anxious. But the things you do for your human…

We always expand this list, and mix them up so it definitely keeps me on my toes, which I really love! Now, I think, it’s time for Missy to do some exercise on our walks, too!

What would you suggest for us to do? Either an exercise for me or for Missy? What fun things should we add into our repertoire?

14 thoughts on “Exercise on our walks

  1. You are very acrobatic! I’m just getting my Mickey (6 months) to walk normally! He does like to sniff. Sniffing is for the park, walking nicely is for the sidewalks. That’s what I say anyway.

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