Friends and family

What is a dog without friends to run about? There are those we meet on our walks, in the school, on the hikes, and there are the ones that last.

I used to be quite wary of other dogs. I had a bad experience. But as I learned to have faith in me, I learned to trust others, too. I’m now what I call “cautiously friendly”. I approach others now, even big dogs, but I do keep my eyes open on case they turn out to be nasty for no reason.

Sissy the cat

My cat-sister usually lives with Missy’s mum, but she moved in with us temporarily. She wasn’t exactly friendly with me and it hurts my feelings a little, but I’m trying to be understanding. I think she is a little shocked for having moved into a totally new place although she does like to pretend she is the boss. I’m gonna let her do that as long as she is not trying to take my place in Missy’s heart!


Remember the long-eared, enthusiastic guy from agility? His name is Báró and we went to many programmes and hikes together. As he says, friendship is important, it fills life with the best energy, just when you need those small joys.

Tell me about your best friends!

10 thoughts on “Friends and family

  1. That’s nice to have friends! Unlike Weekends in Maine, my cats do not like my puppy! Of course, he’s a 6 month old bouncing puppy, not a little guy. It’s getting better. My cats aren’t even friends with each other!


    1. PS: I’ve been trying to visit your blog for a couple days now but for some reasons I almost always get the error message that I’ve been “redirected too many times” when I try to open a post. I’ve no issues with the homepage so it’s super weird… I even deleted cookies, and tried a different browser. Not sure if anyone else mentioned similar issue? I’ll keep trying though, just wanted to let you know why I’m not commenting 😦


      1. Hi Andi. Yes, this seems to be a problem for some of my readers. I had that problem mself right before the challenge started. It looked to have been solved, but apparently it wasn’t so. I’m contacting my provider again this morning.
        Thanks for telling me 🙂


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