Kisses: Missy has a lot of them

I love her but Missy has some weird habits guys. She is ob-sessed with giving me kisses but then I’m quite irresistible.

I’m not one of those easy-going ones who would be instant friends with you, and lick you all over, no. I’m a lady in this regard. I reserve my affection to one person, and one person only. And even to her, I have my limits. How lucky I am that she respects them, even if it’s hard for her.

Missy says I’m half-cat because I’m calm, I sleep so much, and don’t have that instant dog-love. I’d take offense but then I’ve seen her with my cat-sister, and Missy loves her a lot. So I don’t mind being a half-cat because I’m enough for her the way that I am.

4 thoughts on “Kisses: Missy has a lot of them

  1. You are definitely lovable, Mia! In fact, I mentioned you in my blog post today for the letter L (Love). Maybe Missy can read it to you. Here’s the link: Movies reflect human needs: Love
    Trudy @ Reel Focus


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