Mutt and proud

I’m a cute breed, that’s for sure, and I have the best of many breeds.

If you have Instagram, go to my profile and vote under “Breed polls”, I’m curious what you think.

This is me.
(With uncharacteristically short hair.)
Could I be a Lakeland Terrier, intelligent, independent, confident?
Maybe a Scottish Terrier with long legs?

This is me again, frolicking happily.

Am I mix of a Dachshund and a Puli? A Catalan Sheepdog and a Briard?

Missy thinks it’d be nice if I were a puppy of a Cairn Terrier and a Bichon, and in fairness, they are cute.

Whatever the name of the breeds, it sure is a lucky combination, me thinks! Why choose one, when you can be so many?

7 thoughts on “Mutt and proud

  1. <ia is one of the better looking mutts I've seen in a long while. Some mutts come out such a bad mix it's hard to believe that they've had two handsome parents


  2. Mutts can be the best! It’s what I have now, and had before. Even the Goldendoodle someone bred on purpose (shame) and sold for plenty was nothing but a mutt! (I got him free.) If you really want to know, they have DNA tests. A DNA test is why I have my current puppy. His previous owners (from 7 weeks) returned him to the shelter after having him 4 months because they didn’t like the DNA results!


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