Sticks – the breakthrough in playtime

Have you ever had nothing? No place you could call your own, no possessions, no love.

And absolutely no idea about this thing called “playing with toys”.

As a first-world dog-mum, Missy bought me stuff when I arrived. A bed, which I loved, leash and collar which were my favourite, food that tasted great and toys.

I didn’t really know what to do with them.

She kept putting them next to me, so after a while I didn’t mind their smell but did understand their purpose either.

Then, 2 months after my arrival, I found a stick that looked safe, and very chewable. I picked it up shook it to get any bugs off, and was about to get down to business when Missy screamed:

“Mia, you’re playing!”

I wasn’t really but who am I to contradict my human?

Then a month later we were at a dog park, and a friendly dog brought me another nice stick.

“Here, I’ll show you what do,” she said, and shook the stick. She didn’t pay attention so I stole it.

Then she stole it back. It was fun. Sticks were fun!

Maybe that’s what this playing thing was about, having fun, I started to realise.

But the best thing was when I could involve Missy. When we pulled a stick, when she let me win (oh I’m aware!), or when we look for one together.

And when she throws them so that I can bring them back, it’s like she turns the sticks into birds, now that’s something, isn’t it.

Here’s to many more playtime, toys and fun!

2 thoughts on “Sticks – the breakthrough in playtime

  1. Oh, yes, sticks are a lot of fun! My puppy, Mickey, loves sticks, a bit too much. The vet said he can chew them, but not swallow them. I’m not sure he understood that.


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