A year in the making

It’s been almost a year since I met Missy. Oh how my life has changed, how much joy this year has brought to us both! There were walks, hikes, toys, courses, treats, forests, travel, friends, family, and love, always love. I didn’t know life like this was possible, nor did Missy. She’s given me a home, and I’ve given her my heart.

If you can, adopt a dog from the shelter, look into their eyes, their hearts ready to experience all this I now have, and change both of your lives.

3 thoughts on “A year in the making

  1. I think it’s wonderful to adopt, and Lord Rocky Horror is twice the cat he was when we adopted him – he was a skinny thing who used to eat too quickly as he’s obviously had to fight for his food in the past. Now, he rules the whole house.

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