After April Reflections

April is always special. It’s usually proper spring, lots of sunshine, the promise of a new life. This year it was a little different, we had snow, we had family moving and we had the A to Z challenge.

I’ve actually been collecting ideas for it since about September but it turned out to be very different than I thought. Once I started to write the posts from Mia’s perspective, I realised that if I wanted to share her story, I needed to write stories. Not just entries or articles or thoughts but actual stories with dialogues and characters.

And for the first half I did just that.

You met Sir Bug, Irka the bird, Sissy the cat, and more.

The ones I wrote in advance, they were good. But when I wrote them on the spot, that took a toll on my creativity.

The same happened with the engagement. I was able to visit quite a good number of blogs in the first half but fell behind in the second. I kinda think we would need a prep camp in March to motivate ourselves to get those posts scheduled, so we can focus on reading and commenting in April.

I know folks already do that, organise themselves nicely but I also know many of us need some help with that.

Nonetheless, I am glad, I brought Mia’s story to life. She might not be an extraordinary dog but our relationship is. She learns from me, I learn from her, we learn together, and to a person like me, who evaluates nothing more than life lessons, this is the beginning and the end – the A to Z of life.

Big thanks to everyone who visited, liked, commented, shared, truly appreciate it!

Special shoutout to the organisers:

Arlee Bird (founder)

J Lenni Dorner (team captain)
Zalka Csenge
John Holton

Jayden R Vincente (Google forms)
Blog: (Adult Content)

Jeremy Hawkins (graphics)

How did your April go?

9 thoughts on “After April Reflections

  1. I have to admit, I didn’t comment a lot either. But that’s more due to not just having to write the posts but also, sometimes I lacked words.

    I like the idea of scheduling posts but at the same time, I can’t write in advance knowing I would end up re-writing them.

    Congrats on finishing.

    Have a lovely day.


  2. I enjoyed meeting Mia this past month! Also, Sissy, Cat, but Mia doesn’t have to know that! Great job with all your A to Zs. Mia is an extraordinary dog! She’s YOUR dog!


  3. I enjoyed your stories. I didn’t comment more than once or twice, but I did swing by because… dog 🙂


  4. I didn’t make it by during the challenge but sure wish I would have stopped in early on. I can tell I would have really enjoyed getting to know Mia!


  5. I confess that I didn’t encounter your log until now but I love the idea of writing from Mia’s perspective. My partner and I spent six months hiding from the virus in Crete, next door to her sister. One of my partner’s friends back in England chose to send all her texts voiced as her dog and Barbara had to reply in like manner so I am looking forward to reading Mia’s story.
    I always thought about writing a novel about a community of humans told through the eyes of their cat population…

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