What’s next?

I need your help folks!

While the daily blogging of April’s A to Z challenge got a bit too much in the end, and I had some delays but it was a clear structure and guidance. I already miss it!

There are so many things to write about, and as I was brainstorming, I realised, I’m not actually alone in this. You are here!

So I need your advice. I can’t promise I’ll take it but would still love your input.

So let’s hear from you, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. How about places you and Mia go? I was just thinking that your header photo is very interesting with the view and the street. Photos you’ve taken? If you write from Mia’s viewpoint, it could be about anything! She could even watch you read a book, and tell us what you thought of it! Oversee you cooking and give us the recipe.

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What do you think?

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