7 favourite things about where I live #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

We live in the outskirts of Budapest, right on the border, which has the delightful benefit of having a forest 5 minutes from us. This makes our daily walks pretty awesome but let me share a couple more things why I like it here.

  1. The forest – ’nuff said.
  2. Squirrels. I know from your blogs and other shares that they are common on the other side of the pond but they’re rare enough here that it’s a nice surprise to see them. One recently moved just to the end of our street so hopefully we’ll meet up close as well soon – no matter what Missy says.
  3. Wild(ish) animals. I have seen and smelled so far rabbits, foxes, wild boars, and even a deer. Our neighbour says there also are gold jackals around here, we’re not so sure though.
  4. It’s a hiking hub. There are many-many hiking routes crossing around here, which makes it easy to start any even on a whim.
  5. The views. All the below are about half an hour walk to each side from us.
  6. Unique transport lines. There is one cogwheel railway in Budapest, and it comes to our neighbourhood. We take it quite frequently because it’s the closest public transport stop but I don’t like it too much, it’s too loud. There is also a “Children’s Railway” in the neighourhood, where kids aged from 8-14 manage the tickets, man the stations, inform passengers. Missy’s brother also did this for a couple years.
  7. Perfect mesh of quiet but not remote. They still deliver food here! 🙂

As we have a week left until April kicks off, how do you feel? Did you write some /all your posts in advance or do you know what they’ll be about if you decided to write them live? And does any of them feature a dog?

Love, Mia

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