6 themes I’m looking forward to #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

The beauty of the A to Z challenge is the variety of blogs participating. We tend to remain in our comfort zone (I especially like my things just so) but throughout April it’s easy to get swept up by the passion of other bloggers. Here are some I’ve already bookmarked for April.

The New Woman of the 1920’s

Jazzfeathers at The Old Shelter will share different aspects of what life was like for women a 100 years ago. I love learning about history, and this is also a great opportunity to learn from the bravery of our ancestors.

The magic of nature

Radhika will share thoughts on nature in their beautiful poetic way. As nature is where I recharge, it’ll be great to read about this from someone else’s perspective.

Rural Northern California

This region sounds like a dream, few people, beautiful scenery. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever visit so it’ll be great to read about it in April.

Spinning a positive light on anxiety

Mental health is important, and Angela will use the A to Z to process it.

Blogging about dogs

If you don’t have your dog fill here, go visit hartlife1973 as well. My firm belief is that there can never be enough dogs in the blogosphere!

Guinea pig tales

Another animal narrator, Ludo (and Biggles (and Locksley)), will delight us with some of their favourite things.

There’s also bloggers that I regularly visit, Janet (with husband dates this year), Tarkabarkaholgy (her topic now is Gemstone Folklore) or Damyanti who is back with crime novels. There are 123 blogs on the list so it’s not easy to choose!

What themes are you looking forward to? You can check all the theme reveals here, and let us know who should we visit.

Love, Mia

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