5 favourites from instagram #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

Blogging is one of the great ways to make connections but I also like other social media: twitter is for Missy but we both have Instagram accounts. (Mine is cuter.)

If you’d like some more cuteness on your IG, try these accounts.

Speaking dog

The newest trend amongst dog owners is teaching them to express themselves using buttons. Bunny is one of the first ones so she has quite an extensive vocabulary now. Very fascinating to watch as I suspect Missy will teach them to me too sooner or later.

My friend

Baro is probably the most gorgeous cavalier you can see. His name means baron, and he’s an aristocrat indeed! But he also loves to play.

Another friend

We met wise Gandalf last summer in dog camp where we became best friends. He is also quick, similar size, and though I was often shy, we played a lot.

Speaking cat

Missy and me we both love cats, too, and Billi is super cute, and clever. She also uses buttons, and her relationship with her human is almost as good as ours… 🙂

More cats

This family bought a house with about 17 cats. Instead of scaring them away, they adopted, neutered them all, built them a room, and have been keeping them safe ever since. What a great story!

Plus one: my human

And if you’d rather follow a human, my Missy sometimes shares some snapshot of her writing journey, nature or clever quotes.

Is any of you already on Instagram? Are you planning to do the challenge there? I know the organisers have just set one up, if you’re there, post your profile link, and we’ll connect.

Love, Mia

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