4 things we do to start the morning well #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

Before I came along, Missy was not a morning person, she says, but among others things I changed this, too. We now have this morning routine down to an oiled machine level.

What helps us? Glad you asked.

Start with something you like

First, we hug. We both love hugs, so that already makes as happy. Then Missy writes a bit on her phone while I’m lying in her lap, getting pets from to time. It’s another boost for us both.


Humans take things too seriously. Even Missy. My way of helping is to make her play tug with me. There is an old sheet that Missy makes into different shapes, a ball or a rope mostly, and she moves it around as I try to catch, bite, chew it. It’s so much fun!


Stretch & dance

It’s around the end of our play that Missy turns on the music, and starts dancing sitting first, then gets up and continues. While it stops our play, I know it’ll lead to Better Things so I’m ok with that. Missy dances to the music during the boring part of the morning routine (getting dressed, wash, brush, whatever) which actually makes it quicker so I’m all for it.

Recharge in nature

Forests and fields are happy places for both of us, so to spend time there in the beginning of the day makes us relaxed and energetic at the same time.

It works for us because these are the things that make us happy. What are the things that you do or could do in the morning to make you happy? Will this change during the challenge?

Love, Mia

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