3 reasons why health is important #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

It really should go without saying that health is important. But even among us dogs it’s hard (impossible) to resist the temptation of processed food with their unnaturally enhanced flavours, making us eat more than we need. So it is worth to gather reasons why we are doing this “healthy life” challenge in case temptation becomes too hard again.

I need to live a long life

I need to stay as healthy as possible because Missy needs me. I cannot be with her forever, which sucks, but I want to be with her for many, many years. I’m 4 so it’s not an immediate issue but we need to act now, don’t we.

Avoid doctors

I mean I’m quite ok with mine (they’re nice and give me treats) but Missy gets very upset visiting human doctors. She told me how they look down on her, how they dismiss her input, how little they actually care about her well-being. I was very mad hearing this, and gave her extra cuddles until she was back to being my calm Missy. So yeah, we don’t want to go through that again.

Doing more together

I can’t complain, we do lots of stuff already, but it would make me happier to go on longer walks, or to run around with Missy, not just by myself or other dogs. We could also go back to agility, take longer hikes, see more places, do watersports, enjoy summer more. For that we both need energy, and Missy needs more strength. I’m already very strong.

We have a great life, Missy and me, but to keep on having it, or even improve it, we need to make some changes. There is no real rush or unrealistic deadlines, but there need to be some steps taken for sure.

Only 3 days to go to April. Have you checked out at least 3 other blogs? Did you leave them encouraging comments? Do you have the first 3 posts ready or at least clear in your head? Hope you’re as excited as we are!

Love, Mia

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