The nr 1 result by the end of April #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

For a long while Missy equated health with weight loss, putting a lot of pressure on herself when results didn’t come despite her hard work. This month we’re doing things differently: health is not about weight. It’s about feeling energised, strong, balanced. It’s more about the input than the output.

But there is one thing I wish for Missy: for her to find the joy I feel when I’m just running without a care, jumping over streams, logs, benches. The delight of exploring without getting exhausted. The carefree way I conquer distances and heights. The painfree way of living.

I want her to get rid of this mental block that healthy eating is bland, and healthy living is full of sacrifices. The same way she uses positive reinforcement for my training, we’ll do the same to change her approach and behaviour. Gentle loving is the key here, not forceful push to more pain and disappointment.

I want to teach her to love herself just as much as she loves me, as I love her.

See you on this road tomorrow!

Love, Mia

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