First Sunday of A to Z

It was a short week but great start everyone, congratulations on committing and kicking off with freshness, motivation, high energy, talent all around. Let me share some of what I liked reading in the past 2 days.

I was very excited to read everyone’s first posts, and it was great to see all the different takes on the simple prompt of using the letter A. There were Aunties, Ancient Crossings, Attention and even A little Death, but the one I’m highlighting now is this simple Apple Crips recipe because Missy tried it – and it tasted great even a little burnt… (don’t worry, I only ate the apples).

For letter B there was a variety of topics from Birthdays to Bridges, from Berries to Books. If you haven’t, visit “Breakthrough starshot” about a different approach to discover new planets in the near future. Isn’t space fascinating?

In this corner of the blogosphere we aligned our intentions for April (plans to be live a healthier life), and did some breathwork to focus and center ourselves.

For the daily challenges Missy didn’t order food for 1 day, we ate veggies/fruits with every meal on both days, exercised once, took 7k steps once, and visited more than 3 blogs every day. I’m trying to make Missy see that even without being perfect we have made great progress, and that’s what counts, isn’t it?

How did your first week go? Did you visit others? Did you participate in the twitter chat?

Love, Mia

6 thoughts on “First Sunday of A to Z

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I think this year’s A to Z is off to a wonderful start, though I admit I am a little behind already keeping up with what everyone else is doing. I’m seeing so much fun and interesting stuff this year!

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