Herbs for dogs

I don’t get the appeal but Missy is quite content filling the pots with soil and plants. She usually makes a mess, there’s a lot of weird noise, and some marching back and forth. I don’t like it. But apparently growing some specific plants can be useful. So this year’s plan is to keep herbs that are beneficial both for me and Missy.

You are a seed dropping from above
To be nurtured by earth
And to grow into a healing herb
For the whole world to consume.

Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

I get a cough in cold-ish weather quite easily, and sage apparently helps with the upper respiratory tract inflammations. It encourages “good bacteria” and improves fat digestion (which I don’t need, I’m perfectly good sized!) I’m not taking it regularly yet but it’s good to know that there is an option should I get the cough again. And in case I get itchy skin (not likely but you never know), it can also be applied as spray-on.


High fiber (to me it sounds like grass – which I love), good for the heart, the brain, and inflammation. I ate it in scrambled egg without noticing – sneaky Missy.


The easiest herb, available everywhere, but doesn’t taste too good. However apparently it makes my breath smell better, has lots of vitamins (something called vitamin A, C and K) and has cancer-preventing properties.

So next Missy brewed it, and added it to my water so I can’t leave it out. Grudgingly, I have to admit, it feels fresh.


It’s not for eating but it has a strong smell that’s supposed to calm me. I can get nervous and fearful, so hopefully having it in our living room will help me take a deep breath, and take it easy.

Do you use herbs for you or for your pet? Anything you would suggest to us?

Love, Mia

April health challenge update:
– Did Missy order food? No
– Did we both eat veggie/fruit for every meal? No
– Did we exercise? No
– Did we take 7k steps? Yes (with a poorly human it’s quite the feat!)
– Did Missy visit at least 3 blogs in the challenge? No but she’ll catch up today, promise!

5 thoughts on “Herbs for dogs

  1. I sneak finely chopped parsley into my Rottweilers’s yogurt… they don’t seem to mind too much. And I spray my chickens with steeped garlic and lavender water to keep away mites and other bloodsucking parasites. I’ll have to try the sage spray for the dogs…

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: H

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  2. I know when my dog had anxiety and a sudden fear of riding in the car, my vet couldn’t prescribe anything for it without an exam, and he couldn’t get in the car! They advised hemp oil chews specifically made for dogs. I grow a lot of herbs (not hemp), fortunately have never had a dog that wanted to eat them.


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