Kibble with good intentions

I am really not a picky eater. I like all dry food, wet food, home-made food. My stomach is a little sensitive to rice of all things, but it’s still nothing major. But as you’ve seen on our health path, Missy wanted to focus on home-made food. Which is all dandy, except she can’t cook.

She tries though, bless her heart, with an uncharacteristic optimism that this time she will surely succeed – but this time she didn’t. But I’m being too strict – after all, it tasted good, much better than normal dry food, it’s only the texture that was very different than expected. But I’m running ahead of myself.

You can see the original recipe here, and as modified by Missy below.

Home-made kibble
200 g brown rice
100 g lentil
1¼ liters water

Cook them for 20mins.

200 g carrots  grated
1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped
100 g oats
1¼ tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley
2 small sprigs fresh rosemary, finely chopped

Add them all to the rice&lentil, and cook for 20 min more.

500 g ground turkey
50 ml olive

Brown the turkey in the frying pan.

Mix a portion in the food processor, then lay it thin on cooking sheet. Repeat until all is done.

Bake on 180°C for 45 mins. Turn, and bake for about 30 mins more (which I skipped because it was already getting burnt.)

I was supposed to cut them into pieces but it broke itself once starting to cut, so broke them by hand. It had an overbaked meatloaf quality, very "crumbly" so wasn't able to have kibble-like pieces. Then I was supposed to bake them for another hour more but it would've been too much so turned off the oven after 15 mins.

I wouldn’t call it kibble by any stretch of the word, but I loved the taste. Missy was kinda naughty because she put them into my “environment-enriching” blanket, which she would roll up, tie even so I have to work for at least 15-20 mins to get my dinner portion. But with crumbs like this, it took me about twice as long. I mean it was worth it, it was yummy but still, a bit cruel if you ask me.

Do you cook for your dogs or other pets? Any good recipe recommendations?

Love, Mia

4 thoughts on “Kibble with good intentions

    1. What a charming picture Mia. You may have had to work a little harder for the home-made kibble, but that only seems fair since Missy put so much effort into it. But I can tell by your beautiful sparkly eyes you quite enjoyed it.


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