Omelette from Spain

Just before Missy met me, she had just spent a couple months in Barcelona, and she talks about it a lot. One day we might go there together. Until that we’ll enjoy some Spanish dishes.

Not sure if it’s technically a healthy dish but we both enjoyed it so there’s that. Omelettes are great to experience with, so many things can be added, peppers, onions, bacon, chicken or rice even, there’s no end to the number of possibilities. Spanish omelette includes potatoes, and since we had leftover boiled potatoes from yesterday’s sorrel, it was perfect timing.

Spanish omelette 
Thinly cut potatoes (better boilt before)
Eggs mixed with some milk
Bacon cubes
Fresh spice from the balcony: green onion, sage, rosemary
Lots of cheese

Mine was simpler, only eggs, potatoes, milk and some bacon as Missy was worried not to overwhelm my previously upset stomach – I did tell her that bacon could never upset any parts of me but I was, again, overruled. It was still a great dish I have to admit, so didn’t stay upset for long.

What’s your family recipe for omelette? Do you make it often?

Love, Mia

4 thoughts on “Omelette from Spain

  1. That does sound good. A great use for leftovers, or making extra potatoes for the next day! I don’t make omelettes often, they are more work than just scrambled eggs! I lived outside Barcelona for a year a long time ago. I was only 13.


  2. I don’t think Mummy makes omelettes very often. She doesn’t eat eggs very much. We don’t eat eggs at all. If she does, she probably puts lots of things in them like you do. But not bacon. Or chicken.
    Your blog is very interesting.
    Biggles from Georges GP World.


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