Z to A challenge

Brought to you by the A to Z challenge team, the autumn version is posting as per the alphabet twice a week – but backwards. Good structure to stretch those writing and reading muscles, so let me know if you’re taking part.

The team’s suggestion is the topics below:

Sept 21- 27 ~  Zero excuses, Yearn to

Sept 28- Oct 4 ~ Xenodochy in blogging, Why blog

Oct 5- Oct 11 ~  Variety, Unique to my blog

Oct 12- Oct 18 ~ Ten-year plan, SMART goals

Oct 19- Oct 25 ~ Recommend, Questions for visitors

Oct 26- Nov 1 ~ Priorities, Open

Nov 2- Nov 7 ~ Never blog this, Motivating 

Nov 9- Nov 15 ~ Lesson, Know where I’ve been

Nov 16- Nov 22 ~ Joy and Job in blogging, Ideas 

Nov 23- Nov 29 ~ Happy Habits, Goal of your blog for remaining 2022 

Nov 30- Dec 6 ~ Fortitude, Easy tips 

Dec 7- Dec  13~ Dare, Chance 

Dec 14- Dec 20 ~ Balance, Achievements in 2022

More details here.

I will continue posting from Mia’s point of view, at least semi-, sometimes fully fictional, and hopefully Nanowrimo will leave enough capacity to keep it up all through Z to A.

Let me know if you’re joining, I’d love to read your take on the posts, or just the letters themselves.

See you here!


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