Zero excuses

Where I learn about Mabon and how he gets me an extra walk

Missy has been going up and down in the house, moving things from here to there, taking things out, putting things away, and to my dismay, she finally lights a candle. I am not a fan of candles. They’re a small fire, they always make a strong smell, and they remind me of the smokey burns that used to happen in the yard I lived before. I could only catch glimpses of the fire itself through the cracks of the wall, but the smoke itself has often crept in, making it harder to breathe. Missy’s candles haven’t got there quite yet but who knows…

She sits down on the floor, in front of the small table, puts a green cover on it.

“Thank you for the rain,” she says. What a strange thing to be grateful for, I think. I know for a fact, she doesn’t like walking in the rain just as much as me.

She takes a leaf she’d brought home from a walk about 2 weeks ago, and places on the table.

“Thank you for all the food, grain, fruit, this year’s harvest,” she says, as she raises the leaf over the candle, then puts it back again on the table. She then picks up an apple, moves it in a circle in front of her, then above the candle, above the desk and puts it down again.

I’m starting to lose interest but the flames then rise, scare me, so I move to the corner, peeking over the couch to check that Missy is fine. She is, but foolishly doesn’t move from her seat. She adds more things to the table: tree barks, small stone pieces, red and blue fruit. It all looks curious but the candle is still there, keeping me from investigating it closer. I then hear my name.

“Thank you for Mia,” Missy says, “for her growing confidence, playfulness, friendship and love.”

I start to wag my tail. Missy’s gratitude is well-based. I have been getting more out of my shell. I love people, dogs, cats, birds, I can handle bigger sticks, longer distances, bigger crowds. I don’t always prefer them, mind you, but other times I truly enjoy them.

Missy’s sitting in silence, heartrate and breathing slowing, calmness and kindness emanating from her, covering the room, enveloping me in it. I feel myself relax, open up to our connection, share Missy’s emotions. I feel happy. My human is happy.

After a short time, we get ready for our walk. The second one during the day, quite unexpected.

“It’s Mabon today, Mia,” Missy says as she changes. I love it when she talks to me. “It’s about being grateful, letting things go that don’t serve us any more. I’ve written it all down, we’ll take it to bury it, ok?”

Fine by me, I tell her by wagging my tail.

“Zero excuses to do what makes us happy but needs effort,” she says slowly. “Let it be cooking, or hikes, or writing, there is an investment of time but the return is worth it.”

I can’t say I follow but she needs confirmation so I give it to her by sitting down and watching as she takes on her walking shoes.

“Mabon will help us and guide us, Mia, so let’s do this!” she says energetically as we set off on this surprise walk. If this Mabon character will take us on more walks like this, I’m all for the guide and support.

Let’s do this, I agree, and leap out as Missy opens the door. I like Mabon’s zero excuse to go for a walk. Not sure why Missy needed the display and the candle on what she calls an altar to get here, since I could’ve told her this already. But she has her weird ways, so I let her be, and enjoy the time out together. There’s zero excuse to do so.

You can also listen to this post – Missy was kind enough to record it, click here.

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