Thank you

“Sometimes the like button is not about what’s in front of you, but what is not. The doubts that person overcome, the effort they made, the courage to open up. It can say, hey, I see you. Nice effort. Keep going.” (Andrea Michaels, aka Missy.)

Te celebrate the end of the work week, let me recommend you some reading from the blogosphere.

Writing challenges – a collection from Cee

We all need inspiration and a like-minded community to keep us writing. It’s not always easy to find though so I was stoked to find Cee’s list. Check it out!

Stories about a beautiful Leonberger

Bronco was a local hero, and very much lived not only by his family but also his brother, a mini Australian Shepherd. Check their happy photos here.

What do you see? – prompt from Sadje

I appreciate prompts that are artistic and inspire many different answers. Like this interesting photo in the weekly challenge from Sadje.

What was your favourite post this week?

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I don’t have a favorite post this week, but a favorite blogging moment.
    I purchased a book from a blogger I like. (I loved the book)
    Then just a day or two later, another blogger purchased one of my books!
    It was like instant karma!

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