Fog variations

“The fog is a veil that shrouds the world in mystery, obscuring the familiar and revealing the unfamiliar.”

Hard to believe that the above sentence was created by Chat GPT, the most talked about AI. I love it so I’ll leave it as the introduction to a moment on our recent walk with Mia.

Sometimes a moment is so alive, so overwhelming, it’s hard to choose which to share. Which photo did you like the most?

Cellpic Sunday from John Steiner is a prompt with only two rules: 1. Take the photo with a mobile device and 2. Share it as a comment on his post for that week. Great photos on his blog so recommend a visit!

7 thoughts on “Fog variations

    1. I sent too soon.
      Yes, the 1800s, and Sherlock Holmes. Murder mystery. My favourite photo is number 2. It just jumped out at me for some reason. But I like them all!


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