Will Mia start resenting my writing?

This is the most important question going through my head today. It’s sunny today, somewhat windy and cold but great hiking weather. Normally we would be outside in the Buda hills to enjoy the smell of the spring, the budding flowers, the new green. Instead, I chose my Muse, and stayed inside. Just like the past 2 weekends. When will Mia have enough?

We used to have adventures every weekend, going to classes, meetups, hikes but not these days. Recently weekends are all about writing and research and rewriting and tweaking. I really enjoy it but I feel very guilty about Mia missing out on the end of winter. Yet, I’m afraid to stop because I know how fickle my Muse is, and I don’t want her to leave me just yet. I’ve just gotten back to daily posting, I need more time with her. I need to find the style that I’m truly comfortable in, and it’s still a work in progress. This week I’ve been playing around with different styles and topics.

On Monday it was an interesting research into Steinbeck’s dogs. I read an article about his book, Travels with Charley, which prompted me to look into his relationship with dogs more. “I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.

On Tuesday I tried a light take to collect why it’s important to spay/neuter our dogs – a topic close to my heart as I support and volunteer in dog shelters from time to time and I see how big an issue dog overpopulation is, how sad and empty life we force on so many of them who are never adopted. I don’t think the article conveyed how strong I feel about this, because I followed a “lifestyle blog” format, which is not quite me.

On Wednesday I tried the “Story post” format that’s available on mobile. It’s different than I imagined, and while the content is quite good, the summary isn’t. Seeing the below, would you read it? There’s nothing to prompt you there to open it. I don’t think I’ll use it much.
Thursday was International Rescue Cat day, and while our family currently has Sissy who I wrote about before, it was our previous cat, Barbi who came to me to write about. I don’t let myself think about her much to be honest, even though it’s been 4 years, it hurts. You can see in those short sentence that I didn’t, couldn’t allow myself to feel everything her memory brings up. We had 20 years together. I know that’s lucky. Yet, not enough.
Friday turned happier as I allowed Mia to take the lead and talk us through her morning. I love imagining how she might think, how she views our life. She is such a happy being, she inspires me every day of how much she’s overcome, and how open she remained to love.
On Saturday it was back to literature, sharing a book I read a while ago about a rescue dog. It was fascinating to see the similar development Mia went through from fear to trust, from being shy to being cheeky. One of my big achievements in life is helping this little thing finding herself.

Today it’s family day, visiting mum and her cat, Sissy, on the other end of the city. We’ll take the opportunity to go for an extra long walk to try to make up to Mia. She deserves it!

This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share from Natalie The Explorer.
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4 thoughts on “Will Mia start resenting my writing?

  1. Sometimes you need to find the right balance between letting your creativity out and letting yourself, and puppy, out… Actually, walking helps feed my creativity, so the balance is easy for me, though balancing dog time and my time is a little harder 😉

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  2. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. You mentioned Buda hills. I visited Budapest a few years ago before covid and enjoyed my visit very much. I think Mia understands your need to write and she’ll enjoy the extra long walk with you.

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