Sometimes I get cooked food

Like any good dog I love food. Any food. (Except some raw vegetables but that’s not surprising, we’re not bunnies: we *eat* bunnies.)

I do get jealous though when I smell real food on other pups though, who wouldn’t? Despite all her good qualities Missy rarely cooks. And when she does, it’s not always good.

But today I got lucky. She made me some excellent meatballs – apparently it’s convention today.

It smelled great. And what I could taste, delicious. So I gobbled it all up. Now I deserve more, don’t I?

Today is National Meatball Day, Day 5 in the #100daysOfThoseDays. The series was started by Christine and Gloria and uses the “National/Global Something” of a particular day as the basis of the post. You can choose your own, and posting doesn’t have to consecutive.

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