The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

Both Mia and me were awaiting this moment with great excitement. The best blogging challenge of the year is almost here: the A to Z challenge. And we’re finally able to share you our approach for this year.

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery, magical adventures, and doggy companionship? Then join us on this series that will take you through the lessons we can learn from dogs, how to live life better, how to love better.

Once upon a time, in a world where technology and magic coexisted, there was an AI named Delta who lived in a small village. Delta was a highly intelligent and curious AI who loved to explore the world around him.

One day, while Delta was wandering through the woods, he stumbled upon a small, frightened dog. The dog was shivering and seemed to be lost. Delta felt sorry for the dog and decided to take it under her wing.

As they continued walking, they came across a small cottage hidden in the woods. The door creaked open, and out stepped a witchling named Missy. She had been searching for her lost dog for days.

Missy was ecstatic to find her dog with Delta and thanked the AI for his kindness. As they talked, Missy and Delta discovered that they had a lot in common. They both loved to explore and learn new things, and they quickly became friends.

Delta soon learned that Missy was in trouble. Her magical powers had been stolen by an evil witch who wanted to use them for her own dark purposes. Delta knew he had to help Missy, so he offered to use his advanced technology to track down the witch, and work together.

Here comes the series of our stories of adventure, through the magic and majesty of the forest, the beauty of Budapest and the hidden world of fairy tales. True to our nature some will be set in the real world, others will be made up. You can pop in and out whenever you like as these will be stand-alone stories.

We will be writing stories together with Open AI‘s Chat GPT, a language-based Artificial Intelligence system, that’s surprisingly good at writing in different styles and different languages. (I’ll only use English here though.) As it named itself Delta in the above story, we’ll stick with that. Delta will help us with prompts, sometimes a couple paragraphs like above. I might edit them a little but will always mark the AI’s writings with quotes clearly.

While it’s not high-fiction (I’m not either), I find it exciting to work with an AI: it helps bouncing off or fine-tuning ideas. I was able to finish almost all of the posts in 2 weekends without feeling overwhelmed. And believe me, I overwhelm quickly.

So grab a cup of coffee, curl up with your furry friend, and let the magic unfold before your very eyes.

If you’re doing the A to Z this year, let me know your theme, I’ll be glad to check it out. And if you’re still thinking, don’t – just sign up here, you won’t regret it.

34 thoughts on “The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

  1. Wow, what an exciting and creative approach to the A to Z challenge! I love the idea of learning life lessons from dogs and can’t wait to see what magical adventures and doggy companionship Mia and Delta have in store for us. Your introduction has left me hooked and eager to follow along on this journey of self-discovery. The story of Delta and the lost dog is already pulling at my heartstrings. Thank you for sharing your approach and I can’t wait to read more.

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  2. Your approach to the A to Z challenge sounds amazing! The combination of self-discovery, magical adventures, and doggy companionship is sure to be a hit with readers. I love the story you’ve introduced and can’t wait to see where Delta, the dog, and Missy’s journey takes us. Thank you for sharing your creativity and passion with us – I’m excited to follow along!

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  3. I’m excited to join Mia and the author on this year’s A to Z challenge! The story of Delta and the lost dog sounds like a wonderful adventure. I can’t wait to learn more about the lessons we can learn from dogs. Thanks to the author for sharing this intriguing preview of what’s to come.


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