First touches of spring

The world slowly awakens from winter’s slumber, there’s just a little more green, a little more colour, and a lot more sunshine. It’s what I think hope smells like.

Hope says anything is possible, all we dreamt of during the winter can come to life now. All nature is excited with what’s coming: the plants, the bugs, the dogs.

Sometimes we need to look a little closer but it’s here.

Mia also had a lot of fun running around, rolling in the grass, smelling all the new smells, chasing bugs, digging holes.

Spring is the sweetest goodbye. Winter is done, and I’m not gonna miss it.

This post is in response to Lens-Artists Challenge where Sofia’s asking us to reflect on Spring.

I’m also submitting it for John’s Cellpic Sunday as all above was taken with my phone.

11 thoughts on “First touches of spring

  1. This post is a wonderful tribute to Spring! I loved the images and your narrative. And, thanks for following my blog. I also look forward to more of your adventures with Mia. Most of our dogs have been rescues.


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