What makes you happy?

Do you notice in your life that it’s much easier to spot and discuss what’s not working compared to what is? Maybe it’s a Hungarian trait, maybe it’s personal but I have to consciously work on my brain to see the good things. Mia is a great help with this.

I had lots of teachers, a lot of support to improve this but none better than my dog. Mia had a rough life, but when I reacted with layers and layers of mental and physical protection so I won’t get hurt again, she bravely puts herself out there. She is not afraid of making friends, no matter the size.

She finds joy in her surrounding: grass or sand, or just walking down the street, she enjoys what’s there.

I’ve never seen her hate on anything. If she doesn’t want company, or dislikes someone, she simply moves away, and ignores them.

And she’s always happy in the morning. Every day is a new chance to find joy, to do what she loves and to share her love.

Every day she teaches me with her whole being how to be a better person. Because dogs are better people than humans.

What makes you happy? What made you happy today or this weekend?

Today is the “International Day of Happiness“. This is Day 6 in the #100daysOfThoseDays. The series was started by Christine and Gloria and uses the “National/Global Something” of a particular day as the basis of the post. You can choose your own, and posting doesn’t have to consecutive.

Also submitting this to Trent’s Weekly Smile as what could make you smile more than happy moments?

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