Today is 3/21 in the American date format, which are the last steps of the countdown making today National Countdown Day. I actually love countdowns.

I used to be an enthusiastic concert-goer. When a favourite band/singer had a date nearby (which in Europe covers quite a big area if one is so inclined), I bought the tickets well advance, literally counting down the days to the well-awaited gig. It was a great feeling to reflect on how close the big event is, what we’re gonna do, what songs we’re gonna listen to. But it’s been a while since I went to a concert like that, and even longer to have a cool countdown. So let me just go with it now and choose 3 main upcoming events:



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Blogging with April A to Z

I love this blogging challenge. It gives enough structure with a lot of freedom to write posts and connect to other bloggers. Many years I haven’t finished, as it can be overwhelming (especially when you’re someone who likes to overplan) but it was still fun. Are you going to join this year?



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Mia’s Adoption Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that this time 3 years ago I didn’t know her. We lived completely separate lives, not knowing that in less than 47 days everything would change. When I decided I’d like a dog, and looked up shelters, Mia’s photo was the first that immediately felt attached to. It was her eyes. Sad, but hopeful. And I wanted to be the one who’d change the sadness to happiness. Unfortunately the shelter informed me that she already had an application in progress but they invited me to still go, and see other dogs. I was very disappointed, but still went. My heart bled as I wanted to adopt all of them but the connection was missing. I asked to see Mia just in case. And I loved her from the first moment. She was reserved, she didn’t really pay attention to me, but I understood. She was hurt. She might have been disappointed before. I knew what that was like. So I didn’t push, but I did tell the shelter that she is the one and if the previous application doesn’t go through, let me know. It’s no cliffhanger that fate intervened and we became family on the 7th of May 2020. It’ll always be my day of gratitude for having her in my life.



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Missy’s Big 45

On New Year’s Day I realised that this year for me is riddled with the number 9: I’ll be 45, my birthday is on 23-06-2023 (European date format), and my date of birth also carried the number 9 (23-06-1978). I don’t believe in numerology as such but I like the symmetry of numbers, where and how they occur, and how to use them. So having the number 9 returning this year, as my birthday can also be displayed as 23-6-23 in a nice symmetry, just feels a little bit like magic. (On a side note, just noticing that from the time I’m writing this, the 20th of March, Mia’s adoption day is exactly half as many days away as my birthday: 47 to 94. Another soothing symmetry in our lives.)

Any big event you’re counting the days for?

This is Day 7 in the #100daysOfThoseDays. The series was started by Christine and Gloria and uses the “National/Global Something” of a particular day as the basis of the post. You can choose your own, and posting doesn’t have to consecutive.

What do you think?

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