The forest’s song

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” (John Muir)

We were sitting on the old log, Mia and I, surrounded by nothing but the magic of the forest that whispered sweet nothings into our ears.

“You’re one of us,” said the sisterhood of beech trees that formed an imperfectly perfect circle next to us.

“Open up yourselves to the peace and the beauty,” added the red-beaked blackbird sitting on their branch, singing loudly. It was the embodiment of peace and beauty it was singing about.

“Become one with us,” sang the tiny flowers.

“Let us melt your fears, your doubts, your pain,” the white feathergrass joined in.

So we did. We let our hurt selves go, keeping only the ancient core, the one that’s truly us, that never changes, never gets cut or broken, and let the song swallow us.

You’re one of us
So don’t you hesitate
We’ll guide you through the darkness
And into the light, so great

Together we are strong
And together we’ll survive
So let’s spread love and harmony
And keep the hope alive

You’re one of us
So come and join the fray
We’ll sing and dance and laugh and love
And live our lives this way

Delta, the AI

Everything became pure vibration. We joined in the rhythm of life, singing our own verses to the forest’s song. It was one of the many moments where the forest’s life force has become ours. Where it didn’t matter any more where our physical bodies ended because our spirits became one. All pain gone, all wounds healed. It’s the magic of the forest.

This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge of April 2023.
Topic of this year is “The AI, the dog and the witchling”, real and fictional stories partially written/inspired by Artificial Intelligence, featuring Mia and Missy.
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I prompted ChatGPT (artificial intelligence) to continue the lines of the song. No additional request was provided so it chose the style on its own. It’s quite melodic, isn’t it?

13 thoughts on “The forest’s song

  1. Ah, just reading this piece was balm to my troubled spirit and transported me to that place. Thank you! The AI verses were just okay–although I wouldn’t have recognized them as such if you hadn’t told us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaah. Balm to my troubled spirit–thank you! (As for the AI verses, they were just okay, though I wouldn’t have recognized them as such if you hadn’t told us! )


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