Journey to plan

When asking our friendly AI to give a story prompt with journey, Mia and Missy, it came up with this:

Missy and Mia have been best friends for as long as Missy can remember. Mia, a loyal golden retriever, has been by her side through thick and thin, and Missy knows she couldn’t ask for a better companion. However, lately, Missy has been feeling restless and unfulfilled. She feels like there’s something missing in her life, something she can’t quite put her finger on. So, she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and bring Mia along for the ride. They pack their bags, leave the city behind and set out into the unknown, hoping to find what they’re looking for and to deepen their bond even further.

Apart from some factual errors (most important of which is that Mia is not a golden, she wanted me to emphasize), it’s not wrong about my motivation to move to Barcelona: I do feel restless, I do want deepen my self-understanding, and I do believe this will strengthen our bond with Mia.

But there’s a lot of open questions apart from the basic where will we live. For example how will we get there. Normally I’d fly of course but there’s no way I’m gonna send Mia in cargo. So we’ll use trains.

It’s a long trip from Budapest to Barcelona (24 hrs), and I don’t want to push Mia too far either so I’m looking for options with more frequent transfers. We can stretch our legs and do a little sightseeing. We’ll also stop in Stuttgart to visit an old friend whom I haven’t seen in 2.5 years so that’s an added bonus.

Next stop might be Paris (I’ve never been) or the southern route via Valence, France (never been, never heard of).

Either way, we’re gonna take minimal luggage with us, and post the rest. I’m not willing to drag my possessions through Europe, on a train, with a dog. Let’s leave that to the professionals.

Now comes the fun part of booking all these tickets, with a dog, which is not as easy as you’d expect. But that’s another chapter for when the dates are confirmed. Until then, it’s all about journey dreaming!

This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge of April 2023.
Topic of this year is “The AI, the dog and the witchling”, real and fictional stories partially written/inspired by Artificial Intelligence, featuring Mia and Missy.
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7 thoughts on “Journey to plan

  1. Ooh, trains through Europe. My favourite thing apart from cheese. Not that I’ve done much of it and I won’t now, unfortunately. I did have lovely Norfolk – Venice trip via London, Paris, Dijon (where we picked up the night train that had come from the Spanish border). I was going to suggest via Venice, but then remembered you wanted to include Stuttgart.
    Taking minimal luggage is a good idea!
    Have fun!

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