The luminescence of her soul

Some days I can see the light of Mia’s soul.

Missy and Mia had been traveling for days, searching for the source of the mysterious light that had been guiding them. As they journeyed deeper into the forest, the light grew brighter and more intense. Missy couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder as they approached its source.

As they stepped into a small clearing, Missy was struck by the beauty of what she saw. In the center of the clearing was a tree, and its trunk was glowing with the same light they had been following. Mia, who had been cautiously sniffing around the edges of the clearing, suddenly started barking excitedly. Missy approached the tree, drawn to it by an almost irresistible force.

As she reached out to touch the trunk of the tree, Missy felt a warm, comforting energy flow into her. She closed her eyes, allowing herself to be fully absorbed by the light. She felt as if she had been transported to another world, a place where anything was possible and where her deepest desires were within reach. Mia was by her side, tail wagging, and Missy knew that she would never be alone on this incredible journey.

Written by ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence)

“Tickets please!”

The creature in front of her had all the makings of a scary monster: tattooed head, sharpened teeth, deep-set eyes, muscled arms, but maybe it was trying too hard, or maybe because it was only at eye level standing on the trunk, Missy wasn’t afraid. She saw that Mia was also wagging her tail – and every wag left gold particles in the air. Missy turned around.

It was the forest but it wasn’t. The trees were lit from the inside, the mushrooms on them were like multicoloured lightbulbs, the light leaving through them played joyfully with bees, butterflies and tiny birds, while bunnies and squirrels chased each other, jumping up and down the bright green grass…

“No ticket, no entry!” the non-scary gnome’s deep voice made Missy turn her attention back to it.

“Ticket?” she repeated befuddled.

Mia put her front her legs on the trunk, and to Missy’s surprise she held two sheets of glass, with the words “Our entry” on them.

The gnome bowed, and stepped aside.

The tree behind him had gold and glass vines snaking around it, moving constantly from one luminous constellation to another. As they moved this way and that way, gradually the shape of a pointed door appeared, like the one on the castles of fairy tales.

There were two slots on each side.

The gnome placed their tickets in, and the doors opened. Missy stepped in.

“Welcome to my soul!” Mia said.

While Missy never heard her voice, she recognised it immediately – and her own soul started to sing.

It was home.

This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge of April 2023.
Topic of this year is “The AI, the dog and the witchling”, real and fictional stories partially written/inspired by Artificial Intelligence, featuring Mia and Missy.
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Prompt used for ChatGPT: “The luminescence of her soul” is the title of this fantasy story. Write the first 2 paragraphs of this story and I will finish it. Main characters are Missy, the woman, and Mia the black dog like before. The first version wasn’t the best so I asked: Add one more paragraph to this story.

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