Tales of the Sniffs

We travel a lot with Missy to find new smells, new tales they leave behind. I never know where we’ll end up. Sometimes it’s places I’ve already been, like the Office where everyone loves me, sometimes it’s to meet other dogs, other times it’s to see people we know.

My favourite travels though are the ones where we go away for a couple days, just the two of us. Missy is then all mine. She takes me to walks, shows me cities and forests and lakes, she takes a gazillion of pictures and then forgets to share them, she sits with me, plays with me, pets me a lot and it’s total bliss.

In return, I tell her the Tales of the Sniffs.

Here, there was a hungry fox was chasing a pregnant bunny. Both were slow for different reasons, both were after saving their lives. The fox was sick, kicked out of his family in order to save the many on the cost of one, and being alone was harder on him than the physical illness. He didn’t want to die but he had no-one to live for.

The bunny mama had everything to live for. She was strong, fat, her smell rich even after a day, and while she wasn’t able to run fast for long, she gave her all: she outran the fox.

The fox lay there for a while after the run, then crawled under a bush. He was able to get up, and go some place else but I was pretty sure that was the last place he went to. He made peace with that.

I sometimes go chasing after bunnies, but they’re so quick, they take me far from Missy in no time. I like bunnies and I like running but I don’t like being far from her. She gets sad and to be honest with you, I do, too.


We’ve been hiking again – and Mia is always happy to run back to me 😍 #dogsthathike #springiscoming #nature #dogsofttiktok

♬ Sweet Dreams – Trinix

Other times we go to the city. The walks in the city are more confusing. There’s just so much happening! So many people smelling so many different emotions, so much noise, so many dogs… But I have Missy to protect me, so I’m not afraid.

Mice are not rare either. They live in such understanding with humans, it seems as if they are invisible to them. I wondered what’s it like to be a mouse so I asked Delta, the AI:

Once there was a little city mouse named Max who had an adventurous spirit. While his family preferred to stay safe in their cozy burrow, Max longed to explore the world outside. One day, when the rest of the family was out searching for food, Max slipped out of their burrow and scampered out into the street.

At first, Max was terrified as cars whizzed past him, and people bustled about on the sidewalks. But he was determined to explore, and he darted through people’s legs and dashed between parked cars. Max felt alive and free, and he couldn’t help but giggle with excitement.

As Max continued his wild adventure, he realized he was getting further and further from home. But he wasn’t worried – he was too busy enjoying his newfound freedom. However, as the sun began to set, Max realized he was lost, and he started to feel scared.

Just as he was about to give up hope, a kind human spotted Max and took him in, providing him with a warm bed and plenty of cheese to eat. Max was grateful for the adventure, but he also realized that sometimes, there’s no place like home.

Mice are not so different from us after all.

This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge of April 2023.
Topic of this year is “The AI, the dog and the witchling”, real and fictional stories partially written/inspired by Artificial Intelligence, featuring Mia and Missy.
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3 thoughts on “Tales of the Sniffs

  1. Cute – when Sadie was young and we lived/traveled full-time in our RV, she had her own blog and posted frequently. The blog is closed and all her stories were merged in with ours. Folks still tell me they miss her posts.

    I’m way behind writing my current book, so I’ll be back to read these as time allows. Thanks for dropping by my sites.

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    DB McNicol – Small Delights, Simple Pleasures, and Significant Memories
    My Snap Memories – My Life in Black & White


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