Unleash your power (but not your dog)

Because we’re cute and loved, humans tend to forget that we are instinct-driven animals that can be dangerous to others. Take it from me: being on leash is not a punishment. They are connections to our humans, helping us navigate the complicated world of civilisation.

I love being on leash. I know then where Missy is, that I’m safe and protected. It’s a privilege to be on the other end of her leash.

Do I like to run around? Of course. Zoomies on the fields, in the forest are great. They make me happy. I wish Missy would join in as well, because that would be the best! I also like forests because if we were to get hungry, I would know to hunt there. I don’t have to of course, because Missy is clever enough to have food and water on her, but it’s good to be prepared.

But getting back to leashes: there’s a lot of danger in the world, and I trust my Missy to protect me from them. I listen to her because she knows better.


It’s important to have boundaries when off leash. Mia is only off leash on the quiet streets of our neighbourhood. (2 cars per hour 🙂 ) once we get to a busier street, she’s going back on. I’m not risking her life for a squirrel or something scary that would make her jump. And if I see that Mia is all over the place, can’t concentrate, (we all have those days), I won’t let her off at all. #theresatimeandplace #dogs #offleash

♬ hymn for the weekend x she knows by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Many dogs don’t listen though, and they are still let off leash, sometimes so far from their humans, that the owners don’t even see what they are up to. Imagine if you do that to your dog, and it attacks me, like this poor thing was attacked.

(Watch the video here at your discretion. The dog was saved but it’s too hard to watch, so I won’t display it here.)

Or when you’re out in the forest, always remember you’re not alone. There is wildlife, there are other people, other dogs, and people on horses, too.

A couple months ago there was a sad case of a horse falling down on a cliff near Budapest when an off-leash dog attacked them. The rider was injured but survived – the horse didn’t. Can you live with that? That you and your dog caused the death of another creature?

Recently a blogger friend also shared how dog fights can happen if the humans don’t pay attention.

We are all responsible for each other: dogs, horses, humans, other living beings. If your dog’s natural drive to hunt, attack, fight is strong, don’t unleash them on others.

As our AI friend says:

Off leash, your dog may run free,
But danger lurks for all to see.
Others walk with fear and unease,
Keep them safe, leash your dog please.


This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge of April 2023.
Topic of this year is “The AI, the dog and the witchling”, real and fictional stories partially written/inspired by Artificial Intelligence, featuring Mia and Missy.
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3 thoughts on “Unleash your power (but not your dog)

  1. I watched the video with the horses and the video in the link with the German Shepherd attacking the little dog. It is very upsetting but it is the reality we sometimes have to face with unleashed dogs. Exactly that happened to a friend of mine who has a little dog but the attacking dog breed was not a German Shepherd. As you know a lose German Shepherd went after our pug Daisy but luckily our Leonberger Bronco stepped in and defended her, otherwise we might have had to witness the same misery. You are explaining this very well, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Very wise words, and also thank you for linking to my post. Your post is very important. Say hello to Mia from Daisy and Rollo.


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