This is us.

Join the adventures of a miracle dog and her human soulmate with stories and science, dogs and relationships, Hungary and the world within. Mia enjoys life fully despite all her wounds and fears, and Miss Andi (Missy) is only too happy to give her the words that teach us about how precious and wonderful we all are. More about us here.

  • What makes you happy?

    What makes you happy?

    Do you notice in your life that it’s much easier to spot and discuss what’s not working compared to what is? Maybe it’s a Hungarian trait, maybe it’s personal but I have to consciously work on my brain to see the good things. Mia is a great help with this. Read more

  • First touches of spring

    The world slowly awakens from winter’s slumber, there’s just a little more green, a little more colour, and a lot more sunshine. It’s what I think hope smells like. Read more

  • Thankful Thursday

    Thankful Thursday

    When I’m sick, I often veer to the emotion of “poor me”. But, I’ve had just enough of that, so to balance, here are things I’m grateful for. Having Mia in my life We are closing on to our 3 year anniversary and I’m glad I still don’t take her for granted. Just looking at… Read more

  • The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

    The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

    Both Mia and me were awaiting this moment with great excitement. The best blogging challenge of the year is almost here: the A to Z challenge. And we’re finally able to share you our approach for this year. Read more

  • Friday Fun is Cancelled

    Friday Fun is Cancelled

    What is the last thing you learned? 7 years in Ireland passed without me trying hot whiskey. I just wasn’t a whiskey girl back then. I didn’t hate it but it was too heavy, too smokey for my taste. Read more