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Join the adventures of a miracle dog and her human soulmate with stories and science, dogs and relationships, Hungary and the world within. Mia enjoys life fully despite all her wounds and fears, and Miss Andi (Missy) is only too happy to give her the words that teach us about how precious and wonderful we all are. More about us here.

  • My cat sister

    My cat sister

    I smelled her even from the door. The whole place was filled with her strong scent: I knew immediately it was her home, not mine. Why did Missy bring me here? Missy showed me around the rooms, not letting my leash go, which gave some sense of security. But no matter where we went, the… Read more

  • Balls: every dog loves them. Sooner or later.

    Balls: every dog loves them. Sooner or later.

    Dogs were chasing this round thingy with a smile. I didn’t get it. We didn’t know what was it, what it did, how fast if could go or how it could hurt us. But they didn’t seem to care. Missy did though, and she seemed to think I should join in. So she got one… Read more

  • Agility: the course that changed everything

    Agility: the course that changed everything

    It was a strange green object. Buoy, they called it. There were other dogs, and other people, and I wanted to play but was afraid. “Come,” barked the long-eared cavallier, “we’re running, it’s fun!” He looked like he was having fun indeed, his tongue hanging out, ears flying, eyes laughing as he was zig-zagging about.… Read more

  • Shoutouts: because friends matter

    Friends always matter, and their presence matters a lot when a new blog is starting. (I should know, I had many of them.) It’s no different with Mia’s story, so to celebrate the first week’s anniversary let me introduce you to some of the generous bloggers from the A to Z challenge. FrédériqueFrederique left the… Read more

  • Finding my dog magic

    Finding my dog magic

    I have magic. I haven’t always had it, in the dark times of the first 2.5 years of my life I certainly didn’t feel anything magical. It was all about fights, losing them, hiding from them. If I had had magic back then, I would have used it to be invisible. Read more