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Join the adventures of a miracle dog and her human soulmate with stories and science, dogs and relationships, Hungary and the world within. Mia enjoys life fully despite all her wounds and fears, and Miss Andi (Missy) is only too happy to give her the words that teach us about how precious and wonderful we all are. More about us here.

  • What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

    What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

    If she had thumbs, Mia would use it to write. She would say: Missy’s still asleep. I’d like play though, how long do I have to wait? Read more

  • My sweet Barbi

    My sweet Barbi

    Our family had a very affectionate cat for 20 years. Barbi was thrown into our garden with her 2 sisters a day old. Me and my ex kept feeding them every 2 hours, and Barbi had a lot of spunk. She hissed, fought through her very first days, and then suddenly she relaxed, and loved… Read more

  • On a photo

    Read more

  • World Spay Day

    World Spay Day

    To some, the idea of neutering your beloved furry friend might seem daunting or even downright cruel, but there are life-saving benefits to go through it. Read more

  • Dogs in literature: Steinbeck’s companions

    Dogs in literature: Steinbeck’s companions

    As today is Steinbeck’s birthday, here is a look back at his canine companions. Read more

  • Fog variations

    Fog variations

    “The fog is a veil that shrouds the world in mystery, obscuring the familiar and revealing the unfamiliar.” Read more