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Join the adventures of a miracle dog and her human soulmate with stories and science, dogs and relationships, Hungary and the world within. Mia enjoys life fully despite all her wounds and fears, and Miss Andi (Missy) is only too happy to give her the words that teach us about how precious and wonderful we all are. More about us here.

  • From the English language all the way to the Incas

    From the English language all the way to the Incas

    For some, research is either the necessary evil or the to-be-avoided nuisance when it comes to writing. I love it. I love the random connections as I fly from one question to the next, one fascinating story to another. More often than not it takes me down to hilarious paths. Read more

  • Thank you

    Thank you

    “Sometimes the like button is not about what’s in front of you, but what is not. The doubts that person overcome, the effort they made, the courage to open up. It can say, hey, I see you. Nice effort. Keep going.” (Andrea Michaels, aka Missy.) Read more

  • Throwback Thursday: Walk after a Summer Storm

    Throwback Thursday: Walk after a Summer Storm

    Originally posted on Life with Mia: The heat of the summer quickly turned to rain and thunder, further preventing us from proper walks. I would have huffed and puffed, except lightnings scare me so I just hid in the bathroom. I closed my eyes to escape from the inexplicable fear: I knew Missy was here,… Read more

  • There is only one…

    There is only one…

    There’s only one thing I would cut jeans for at 6.30 in the morning (doing anything at that time that’s not sleeping does not come naturally): to make an ad-hoc toy for Mia, who likes chewing but not on artificial bones that are too hard for this I-have-no-problem-with-sticks-outside spoilt little princess. Read more

  • Mia and the hiking shoes

    Mia and the hiking shoes

    Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you. Once upon a time, there was a woman named Missy, who, despite all stereotypes, did not like shoes very much. She wore them, of course, but didn’t find them beautiful or particularly interesting. She usually had 3 pairs at any point in… Read more

  • Dog Training and Problem Solving

    All dog owners would know how intelligent our dogs are, how readily they will learn new things. Training has many positive effects from health to the relationship between dogs and owners, and also an increased ability to solve problems. Read more