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Protein pancake

There have been much good food this month but protein pancake was not one of them. It sounded good, the paste looked good, even the final result looked… well nothing like a pancake but still appetising.

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Omelette from Spain

Just before Missy met me, she had just spent a couple months in Barcelona, and she talks about it a lot. One day we might go there together. Until that we’ll enjoy some Spanish dishes.

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New beginnings

– by Missy – The best part of any journey is that it can be reset any time. Not happy with how or where you’re going? You don’t have to continue. You can choose another path, and see if that makes you happier.

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About Us

We are a pair of soulmates: Mia, the dog, and Missy, the woman. We spend every day together. Some are boring, some are exciting, most are happy. Posts are usually from Mia’s perspective.

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