What’s next?

I need your help folks!

While the daily blogging of April’s A to Z challenge got a bit too much in the end, and I had some delays but it was a clear structure and guidance. I already miss it!

There are so many things to write about, and as I was brainstorming, I realised, I’m not actually alone in this. You are here!

So I need your advice. I can’t promise I’ll take it but would still love your input.

So let’s hear from you, what do you think?

Shoutouts: because friends matter

by Missy

Friends always matter, and their presence matters a lot when a new blog is starting. (I should know, I had many of them.) It’s no different with Mia’s story, so to celebrate the first week’s anniversary let me introduce you to some of the generous bloggers from the A to Z challenge.

Frederique left the first ever comment on the first ever post, confirming that these words are not just flying around in the vastness of the internet but do reach others who take the time not just to read but to share their reaction as well. Frederique is writing a bilingual blog about quilts, and this year’s topic will be DIY textiles with ideas about repurposing old clothes.

Sarah Zama
Leaving the first like on the blog, Sarah encouraged me that the first post was good enough. As a busy writer of historical fantasies (what a cool genre!) I appreciate her visit. She will be writing about The Great War this year, check it out!

Iain Kelly
Leaving the first follow: when people click the follow button, it confirms that they want to stay in touch, they are interested in what’s next. As we plan at least 26 stories, it’s great to know this! For the A to Z challenge Iain will write about ‘The State Trilogy’, of uprising, civil war in a dystopian political thriller.

Favourite A to Z blogger
When giving shoutouts, I cannot leave Tarkbarka Hölgy off the list, who is always my favourite to read in the challenge. She is the queen of folks tales, her twitter is full of interesting facts and stories, and this year she is going to combine them with tarot. If you ever wondered what story can a tarot card have, don’t miss it!

The A to Z team
All this would not be here without the A to Z creator, Arlee Bird, and the awesome team of the challenge:
J Lenni Dorner (captain) @ Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner
Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary
John Holton @ The Sound of One Hand Typing
Jayden R Vincente @ J R Vincente Erotica Writer
Jeremy Hawkins (graphics) @ Hollywood Nuts

Thank you all for being here, bringing the inspiration and keeping the motivation to share our adventures!