Green sauce with salmon

Eating different dishes is not really important for us dogs. We’re perfectly happy eating the same thing every day, in fact some with sensitive stomach (not me thankfully) don’t take too kindly to abrupt menu changes. I don’t know if humans are different because they have the privilege of eating being more than just fuelling their bodies, but it’s good for humans to try new dishes, new combinations from time to time. So here’s a new recipe.

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Focus on the food

l often see Missy not paying attention to her food when eating. It’s one of those things that we dogs never do: they call it multitasking. We’re always in the moment, in ONE moment, no matter what we do. Humans on the other hand are rarely ever here, they’re so distracted with these things they call “past” and “future”.

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The nr 1 result by the end of April #AprilCountdown #AtoZChallenge

For a long while Missy equated health with weight loss, putting a lot of pressure on herself when results didn’t come despite her hard work. This month we’re doing things differently: health is not about weight. It’s about feeling energised, strong, balanced. It’s more about the input than the output.

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