Throwback Thursday: Sir Bug

Let me share one of my favourite posts from April’s A to Z challenge.

Imagining Mia’s life, I always think it went from horror to fairy tale. A little like Dickens’ David Copperfield, Mia had a tough start but found her happy ending (hopefully with less twists and turns). And true to a fairy tale, it has magical creatures, like Sir Bug with his butler, Dawson. I do hope they’ll meet again!

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Throwback Thursday: history, celebrations, birthday

The Channel Tunnel between England and France opened 27 years ago today and while we haven’t been that far yet with Mia, we do love trains.

Today is also the day we celebrate tourists so here’s Mia enjoying the the largest church and tallest building in Hungary, the Basilica of Esztergom.

I’ve also learned that today is George Clooney’s birthday, and apart from being handsome, he is also a dog-lover so definitely deserves a mention!