This is us.

Join the adventures of a miracle dog and her human soulmate with stories and science, dogs and relationships, Hungary and the world within. Mia enjoys life fully despite all her wounds and fears, and Miss Andi (Missy) is only too happy to give her the words that teach us about how precious and wonderful we all are. More about us here.

  • Zigzag walk

    Zigzag walk

    As I haven’t much insisted on proper walking manners (spending most of our walks in the outskirts and in forests it’s not a necessity), Mia has developed a style that’s cute when I’m alone, almost… More Read more

  • “In youth we learn; in age we understand.”

    “In youth we learn; in age we understand.”

    Dogs are often thought of having the intelligence of a toddler, putting us owners on the other end of the spectrum to say we know better. But do we? Read more

  • Xena’s firebird

    Xena’s firebird

    I was “talking” to AI about the TV-series, Xena, The Warrior Princess, and whether it had any pets in it. Read more

  • The witch’s gift

    The witch’s gift

    Once upon a time Missy took me to Badacsony to celebrate the end of the year, and to welcome the new one. Read more

  • The valley of the city

    The valley of the city

    We live on the Buda hills, only about 450 meters above the city but already at this height the climate is different than “down in the valley” as we locals call the city centre. Read more

  • Unleash your power (but not your dog)

    Unleash your power (but not your dog)

    Because we’re cute and loved, humans tend to forget that we are instinct-driven animals that can be dangerous to others. Take it from me: being on leash is not a punishment. They are connections to… More Read more