The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

Both Mia and me were awaiting this moment with great excitement. The best blogging challenge of the year is almost here: the A to Z challenge. And we’re finally able to share you our approach for this year.

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Meatball with cottage cheese

Hungarian cottage cheese is a bit different from what you’re used to. It’s not as smooth, therefore more versatile, and can be used in many different dishes. However Missy’s very traditional mum hasn’t heard of using it in meatloaf.

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Kibble with good intentions

I am really not a picky eater. I like all dry food, wet food, home-made food. My stomach is a little sensitive to rice of all things, but it’s still nothing major. But as you’ve seen on our health path, Missy wanted to focus on home-made food. Which is all dandy, except she can’t cook.

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Herbs for dogs

I don’t get the appeal but Missy is quite content filling the pots with soil and plants. She usually makes a mess, there’s a lot of weird noise, and some marching back and forth. I don’t like it. But apparently growing some specific plants can be useful. So this year’s plan is to keep herbs that are beneficial both for me and Missy.

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Green sauce with salmon

Eating different dishes is not really important for us dogs. We’re perfectly happy eating the same thing every day, in fact some with sensitive stomach (not me thankfully) don’t take too kindly to abrupt menu changes. I don’t know if humans are different because they have the privilege of eating being more than just fuelling their bodies, but it’s good for humans to try new dishes, new combinations from time to time. So here’s a new recipe.

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Focus on the food

l often see Missy not paying attention to her food when eating. It’s one of those things that we dogs never do: they call it multitasking. We’re always in the moment, in ONE moment, no matter what we do. Humans on the other hand are rarely ever here, they’re so distracted with these things they call “past” and “future”.

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Extra steps, extra fun

My favourite part of this health challenge is that we go on longer walks. It’s the best part of the day, morning or evening, cold or hot, I’m all up for it. (Except when it rains. I’m not a fan.) It doesn’t mean though that every moment of these long walks is fun.

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