Unleash your power (but not your dog)

Because we’re cute and loved, humans tend to forget that we are instinct-driven animals that can be dangerous to others. Take it from me: being on leash is not a punishment. They are connections to our humans, helping us navigate the complicated world of civilisation.

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Tales of the Sniffs

We travel a lot with Missy to find new smells, new tales they leave behind. I never know where we’ll end up. Sometimes it’s places I’ve already been, like the Office where everyone loves me, sometimes it’s to meet other dogs, other times it’s to see people we know.

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In the shadow of getting what you wish for

Rapunzel got her wish of great hair but she couldn’t enjoy it for long.* Soon, the Crazy King of the Seven Lands heard about the magical golden locks of a simple village girl, and he had to see it for himself.

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