What makes you happy?

Do you notice in your life that it’s much easier to spot and discuss what’s not working compared to what is? Maybe it’s a Hungarian trait, maybe it’s personal but I have to consciously work on my brain to see the good things. Mia is a great help with this.

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The AI, the dog and the witchling – A to Z theme reveal

Both Mia and me were awaiting this moment with great excitement. The best blogging challenge of the year is almost here: the A to Z challenge. And we’re finally able to share you our approach for this year.

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Rescue Me by Sarra Manning

Why yes, I’m 100% searching for books that feature a dog! This promised an easy read, romance and happy ending, and it mostly delivered.

The human main characters, Margot and Will are both carrying a lot of baggage, pain and self-doubt, and it takes a dog to heal them.

They meet at a shelter where they both fall in love with the same dog: it happens, but then, without knowing each other, they decide to “share” the ownership: one week here, one week there. (I did need to suspend my common sense here for a bit. I mean, no way, that can realistically happen. But once you accept that it does, the story is cute.)

The dog in question is Blossom, a shy staffie. I liked how Blossom brought everyone together, how she helped them open up, not just these two but the others connected to them as well. Will’s mom, who didn’t want a dog but fell in love with Blossom anyway,

I found her own process of healing very similar to my own rescue, shy first, rebellious later, it was well written.
The romance was also good, slow, detailed, precious although I could have done away with the agonising in the last 70 pages or so.

All in all this book delivered what I wanted, what it promised: romance, dog, family.

There is only one…

There’s only one thing I would cut jeans for at 6.30 in the morning (doing anything at that time that’s not sleeping does not come naturally): to make an ad-hoc toy for Mia, who likes chewing but not on artificial bones that are too hard for this I-have-no-problem-with-sticks-outside spoilt little princess.

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Yearning for walks in the forest

The heat of the summer quickly turned to rain and thunder, further preventing us from proper walks. I would have huffed and puffed, except lightnings scare me so I just hid in the bathroom. I closed my eyes to escape from the inexplicable fear: I knew Missy was here, but so were the loud booms, so really couldn’t tell if I was safe or not.

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