World Water Day – time for action

Most of us here are blogging from the comfort of first world countries. We have tap water, clean, abundant. When we’re thirsty, we drink. When we’re dirty, we wash. But for 25% of the world’s population, this is not the case. By some estimates in less than 5 years two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. And ecosystems around the world will suffer even more.

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The Weekly Smile: Rolling

I’ve been on holiday this week, and we took many trips to hike. Being in the forest, away from people feels great for both me and Mia. It was by chance that I chose this particular route for this sunny autumn day, I haven’t been in the neighbourhood, nor did anyone recommend it, but it was close enough and the distance seemed also doable. Little did I know what a gift it would give us.

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