9 Quotes for Respect Your Cat Day 2023

We are celebrating cats today (again) because in 1384 King Richard II of England banned eating cats. Keeping pets for other than their hunting, defending value was not common at that time, however the king was reported to have a a pet greyhound dog, even allowing it to sleep on his bed. He was only at 17 at this time (but already a king for 7 years, and a suppressor of the Peasants’ Revolt at 14). But enough of history, today is about cats.

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Dogs in literature: Steinbeck’s companions

I’ve always wanted to combine my love for literature and my love for dogs (big surprise, I mean the blog is being co-written by my pooch, Mia) so I started to research this topic. The obvious choice to be the first in the series is John Steinbeck, who didn’t only write a book about one of them but also had one of his books eaten by another.

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