What makes you happy?

Do you notice in your life that it’s much easier to spot and discuss what’s not working compared to what is? Maybe it’s a Hungarian trait, maybe it’s personal but I have to consciously work on my brain to see the good things. Mia is a great help with this.

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Rescue Me by Sarra Manning

Why yes, I’m 100% searching for books that feature a dog! This promised an easy read, romance and happy ending, and it mostly delivered.

The human main characters, Margot and Will are both carrying a lot of baggage, pain and self-doubt, and it takes a dog to heal them.

They meet at a shelter where they both fall in love with the same dog: it happens, but then, without knowing each other, they decide to “share” the ownership: one week here, one week there. (I did need to suspend my common sense here for a bit. I mean, no way, that can realistically happen. But once you accept that it does, the story is cute.)

The dog in question is Blossom, a shy staffie. I liked how Blossom brought everyone together, how she helped them open up, not just these two but the others connected to them as well. Will’s mom, who didn’t want a dog but fell in love with Blossom anyway,

I found her own process of healing very similar to my own rescue, shy first, rebellious later, it was well written.
The romance was also good, slow, detailed, precious although I could have done away with the agonising in the last 70 pages or so.

All in all this book delivered what I wanted, what it promised: romance, dog, family.

April Theme Reveal – #A2Z22

Hi folks, Mia the adventure dog, is back to write you every day in April during the 2022 A to Z Challenge.

We had such great fun last year sharing the stories, and reading yours, that I can’t wait to dive in again. It was a bit of a struggle to decide the theme, there was the option of doing the places we visited, or the tricks I’ve learned, and I really wanted to share all I’ve taught Missy about life in my doggie wisdom, but then we decided to cover something that we often think about even without the challenge.

So we agreed on the topic of healthy living: movement, cooking, mindset. We’ll share recipes for me and Missy, and mental or physical exercises to do together. Some we’ve already done but most will be new to us, it’s a challenge after all.

On top of the daily challenges we promise to:

  • stop ordering food
  • eat veggie/fruit for every meal
  • exercise every day
  • raise our daily walk to 7k steps, and most importantly,
  • have fun as we do!

Looking forward to be able to check in with you all, let us know your topic.

See you soon, in the meantime let’s connect on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook.

Love, Mia

This post is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April.

Bonnie Tyler and Mia

Yes, the TikTok-hole swallowed us, too, but for now, I’m ok with it. There are some pretty good ideas there what to do together, dogs and humans, and the first one we recorded in one take, is the so called Turnaround Challenge. As in: when Bonnie says “turn around”, you do.


This is Mia’s favourite task, so it was a good find to ease us into this new world of video content (I’d rather write but then growth is at the end of one’s comfort zone!)

Anyone else tried something very new recently?